Choosing a Log Home Floor Plan

One of the unique things about building a log home today is that the industry handles both standard and custom designs with ease. While most companies offer a wide variety of standard designs, they are often able to alter their plans to create something truly "one of a kind." Here are the three most common scenarios for people building a log home.

The Standard Log Home Design

This is of course the easiest path to building a new log home. Standard plans are generally developed by a trained log home designer. You can count on them being well thought out, time tested and capable of meeting a variety of lifestyles. Also, if the project must be completed quickly, the standard plan will be the quickest option since preliminary design work has already been done. Click here to view log home floor plans.

The Customized Log Home Design

This may be the most common type of log home built. Someone may begin with a standard design but add their own modifications to make the plan work better for them. Perhaps a room size needs to be increased, or a window needs to be added or a plan needs to be reversed. None of these changes are difficult or costly. In some cases you may see a feature from one standard design incorporated into another, creating something truly unique.

The Custom Log Home

Because there are so many floor plans readily available through plan books or online, it is not unusual for someone to develop their own design from their own research. It may be a variation of a plan that they find elsewhere, or a combination of several plans. In either case this is a custom design for the log home manufacturer and will require custom engineering and blueprinting.

This type of custom designing is something the log home industry is very good at! And while the package cost may be somewhat more than the cost of a standard plan, it should not be cost prohibitive. Keep in mind, however, that if a design copied from an outside source, there may be copyright and permission issues to consider.

When you plan the construction of your log home, consider these three options in finding the plan that is right for you.

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