The Modern Log Cabin

As more and more homebuyers choose a log home for their dream home, they do so for many reasons. For some, it's the energy efficiency...for others, low maintenance...still others are drawn to the option of being their own homebuilder. But there is one reason that is the same with everyone. Log home buyers love that look and feel on the inside that only a log home can create.

We have seen that look and feel evolve considerably over the years. In our area, it was back in the mid 1970's that the idea of building a log home as a primary residence began to catch on. Most of the log homes built during that period were rustic and woodsy, both inside and out...the style home you might associate with a rugged log cabin in the woods. Those homes tended to be darker and more closed-in. To build a log home back then, you had to love wood, and a lot of it!

interior photo of log home

Log Home Interiors

However, as log homes have become more mainstream, modern and contemporary styling has become more common. The emphasis on cathedral great rooms with overlooking balconies and large open spaces has become a requirement for many of today's log home buyers.

Walls of custom glass are frequently included to create beautiful bright open spaces for living and entertaining. Interior wood-covered walls have given way to plastered and painted walls to create more interest and color. Painted kitchen cabinets and colorful furnishings and accessories also add to the modern touch. This is the modern log home.

But these updates in log cabin decor in no way clash with the feel of the log home. Instead, they often make the home more interesting and stimulating. It seems that with whatever look someone chooses, the log home creates a great setting!

For those who prefer the rustic style of cabins of old, no problem there. Log homes do that very well. However, if you would rather a modern look, you might be surprised what can be achieved with full log construction.

Contact us today and let us help you find the log home look and feel that is just right for you.