Building Materials

Superior materials for a long-lasting, energy efficient log home

C.M. Allaire & Sons is committed to using high quality materials on all of our log home projects. Premium graded logs, Andersen Windows and Therma-Tru doors are standard with all of our homes. The result is a beautiful home which will provide generations of comfort and enjoyment.

Building material images courtesy of Real Log Homes

Premium Graded Logs

High Quality Homes Start with the Right Logs

We use only premium logs cut from the heart of the tree. To prove this, all of our log homes are graded to the standards provided by the Log Homes Council, and come with their own grading certificate. Never settle for anything less than graded logs for your log home.

To reduce the checking (or cracking) in our log walls, we never kiln dry our logs. This process stresses the logs and creates unnatural checking. Instead we air dry them so the drying process occurs naturally. Our logs are also wider than they are tall, which minimizes checking along the exposed log surfaces.

Log homes in Eastern white pine or Western red cedar

Real Log Homes packages are available in
Eastern white pine (left) or Western red cedar (right).

Available Log Profiles

Contour (Rounded on both sides) Log Profile

Contour (Rounded on both sides)

This is our most popular profile. It features a rounded exterior and interior look and a uniform appearance.

V-Groove (or D log) Log Profile

V-Groove (or "D" log)

The V-Groove profile is uniformly rounded outside and flat inside with a tongue & groove look.

Swedish Cope (Full Round) Log Profile

Swedish Cope (Full Round)

Available in 8”, 9” and 10” widths, our massive Swedish Cope logs use an appealing “saddle notch” corner for a more traditional look.

Rustic Log Profile

Rustic Log Profile

Our rustic log profile uses logs that vary in width from 8” to 11.” The rough textured finish creates more of a classic log home look.

Dovetail Log Profile


This design uses massive, 11” tall logs fit with a distinctive dovetail corner detail.

V-Groove Dovetail Log Profile

V-Groove Dovetail

The dovetail design is also available using our standard 7” tall log profile. The exterior will be round while the interior will be flat.

Clapboard Log Profile


This log profile mills solid log timbers to look like a clapboard house. It’s a perfect way to build a log home in a residential neighborhood.

Log Home Interlocking Joinery Example

Interlock Joinery System

Using what we call the Interlock Joinery System, our log homes are built to be weatherproof and draft-free. While many log home companies seal with little more than caulking, Real Log Homes are manufactured using a sophisticated tongue and groove system.

The system incorporates durable foam gaskets and PVC Locksplines to seal all joints between logs, at windows/doors and at corners. Logs are tightly connected using Olympic OlyLog® fasteners. You won’t find a log home joinery system that is more weatherproof or one that requires less maintenance.

Typical Package Components

The graphic below shows our standard log package components. Keep in mind that that any of our homes can be customized to meet your style and budget.

Diagram of Typical Log Home Package Components

Roof Rafters & Floor Joists

Full Log Roof Rafters

Full Log Roof Rafters

Full round log roof rafters create a truly authentic look in the roof area of a Real Log Home. All rafters are precut and notched for a tight, precision fit.

Square Timber Roof Rafters

Square Timber Roof Rafters

Square timber roof rafters provide a cleaner, more uniform beamed look. Timber rafters are available with either a rough sawn or planed finish.

Full Round Floor Joists

Full Round Floor Joists

Our standard beams for second floor support are full round floor joists. All joists are precut with tenons which fit into log wall notches. Milled at a minimum diameter of 7”, they are truly impressive to behold.

Full Round Floor Joists

Square Timber Floor Joists

The more finished look of square timber floor joists are also available for second floor support timbers. Timber joists are made to fit into precut wall and girder notches.

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